Sale of AdBlue® and
Water supply service

We have devised a method of supplying AdBlue® and provide with a constant and stable supply service to our customers.

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Trucks (used cars) Sales
and operational support

We sell and trade in used trucks, heavy machinery and other commercial vehicles.
We are able to offer the highest trade-in value for used trucks and other commercial vehicles that are difficult to trade in at other dealers due to our own unique routes that value commercial vehicles highly.
Please contact us if you cannot get a good price from other companies or if you are thinking of disposing of your vehicle.
We will buy high price and sell low price! We will find the car you want!
If you have any questions about used trucks or passenger cars, please contact us.
We also welcome enquire from our competitors.

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Sales of EMS equipment
and operational support

Drive recorders, digital tachographs, ETC, and other in-car equipment
Full support after installation
Lease contracts are also available.
We also provide support for applications of subsidies and grants.
For transportation companies, we aim to contribute to overcoming management issues by reducing the workload of crew members and managers as well as reducing operation costs.

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14 Gosaida, Makishima Cho, Uji City, Kyoto 611-0041, Japan
TEL 0774-26-8871 / FAX 0774-26-7585